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Due to not yet launched to market, material here is limited, none sensitive and simulated.

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study. All information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of BYTON. No confidential project information is shared here only those that are public.


BYTON is a premium EV startup and disruptor in the automotive industry. Not only BYTON sets the bar for high-tech premium car design but it also elevates the mobility experience to a whole new level. M-BYTE is positioned to a very popular segment for customers with family, who care about the Sharing Experience. The team is inspired by "Smile per Mile" and not "KWh per Mile"

Innovating in-car experience is not an easy job, there are numerous factors to consider: safety, regulation guidelines, driver distraction, ergonomics, functionality, and how all these build 1 single product experience. With co-creation with preregistered customers in Europe and in China, we know one major opportunity is time. How might we design an experience where 1 HOUR = 1 MINUTE?  it is the conversion of time instead of horsepower from gas to electricity. So we brought the best entertainment experience no one has ever tried and put it into production and with that, we paved the road for coming autonomous experience roadmap.

A 48" display that is designed to be safe, entertaining, immersive, and evolving. Having the biggest display isn't good enough but a fully embedded entertainment solution and carefully curated diverse digital contents and clever strategy will set us apart among the pack. We use a highly personalizable content strategy to power the 1 HOUR = 1 MINUTE time conversion deep inside the 48" display and cover customers' most frequent usage scenarios.

The constant driving conditions change requires a set of well-defined interaction modalities, that are silk-like smooth, thoughtful redundancy, and natural for users to interact with the contents they want to enjoy, we had that covered with physical buttons, touch, hybrid touch, voice, and air gesture. All together and presented to the user in a very innovative and natural experience to enjoy the drive and ride.

And one last thing. We never left behind the safety, just because we want to deliver that never seen and experienced before delightful innovation. We intentionally packaged the interior architecture, so we can design with best safety principles that we are confident and vigorously tested:  

Comments from Verge: ...BYTON's 48" screen might not be as distracting as it looks... 

you can see the video below this page.

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Unique innovations will always face unique challenges. These unique challenges are the motivations for the teams and as a creative leader, I curate a team culture where everyone has big ideas, everyone shares great ideas, and everyone nurtures from each other's ideas. Fail fast is the best formulation to self-course correction iteratively to avoid costly changes and delay to the project. the team is empowered to own and drive for the success of customer happy innovations that themselves will be proud of to share with stakeholders, while I work together with my X-functional peers to unblock obstacles for the program teams. It takes teams' amazing efforts to make unique innovations delightful and purposeful for our customers. 

Inspire by SMILE by MILE and motivated by 1 HOUR = 1 MINUTE.

Design leadership roles at BYTON

Digital Product Design Manager (current) / 6 direct report designers + 2 indirect report designers

UX Vision Workshop

Design Roadmap & Resource

User Story Authoring

Sprint Planning

UX Product Design Process

Agile Prototyping

Curate Design Culture 

Intelligent Car & Mobile UX

Designer Development

Reference Design Process 

Product Design Principles

Design System 

UX Research Planning

Product Development Unblocker 

MVP validation by UX  

Talent Hunt

UX Evangelist

Personal Assistant

Eye gaze + Air Gesture fusion

Sr. UX System Architecture Lead / 2 indirect report designers

UX System Architecture

Digital Content Strategy

UX Bugs & Fixes

Information Architecture

Facilitate Solution Workshop

UX Patterns

Horizontal X-function

Design feasibility Assessment

Reference User Flow

UX Functional Requirements

Physical + Digital Function Map 

UX Ergonomics

What inspired me to BYTON?



It may not be the perfectly filmed movie but the storyline is the inspiration.


This was one of the early marketing videos, the brand opportunity "Time to be".

- A brand where USERS are valued and inspired.

- A product vision that is led by User Design Thinking process.

- Organization where designers are empowered to innovate.

- Innovation is built by the teams from the ground up and in-house.

BYTON production digital experience public introduction


CES-2019 innovation video

- Display architecture and UI layout.

- BYTON digital experience intro.

- Hybrid touch interaction overview.

Production interior and digital experience UX/UI


CES-2020 production teaser video

Production BYTON Demo @CES 2020


Production Vehicle 002 from the assembly line

- Target hardware

- Target software

- Production Digital Experience

"Your platform for life"


CES product demonstration video

- Highly personalizable mobility experience

- Most integrated digital contents for smile per mile

- Special modes for either productivity or simply to chill out

Innovating mobility by innovating SAFETY UX

Vision anatomy.jpg


V1: Front windshield see-through vision angle.

V2: Display upper UI and windshield see-through vision angle.

And a great UX principle behind BYTON innovative digital experience.

V1: Outside vision angle

V2: Eyes on the roads UX/UI

BYTON Digital Experience Design principles

Proven Design Leadership 360 performance record