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BYTON is a premium EV startup and disruptor in the automotive industry. Not only BYTON sets the bar for high-tech premium car design but it also elevates the mobility experience to a whole new level. M-BYTE is positioned in a very popular segment for people with family, who really care about the Sharing Experience. The benchmark index is "Smile per Mile" not "KWh per Mile"

Innovating an in-car experience is not an easy job, there are numerous factors to consider: safety, regulation guidelines, driver distraction, ergonomics. But we never forget to emphasize one of the biggest differentiators among all the competitors. We brought the best entertainment experience no one has and with that, we paved the road for autonomous experience with the best future of in-car entertainment. A 48" display that is designed to be safe, entertaining, immersive and evolving. Having the biggest display isn't good enough but a fully embedded entertainment solution and carefully curated very diverse digital contents and clever strategy will set us apart among the pack. Another breakthrough is the charging experience we brought in, the range isn't the problem anymore but charging anxiety is the opportunity for a 0 emission and 0 compromise expectation.

The constant driving conditions change requires a set of well-defined interaction modalities, that are silk-like smooth, redundant, and natural for users to interact with the contents they want to enjoy, we had that covered with physical buttons, touch, voice and air gesture. All together and presented to the user in a very innovative and natural experience to enjoy the drive and ride.

And one last thing. We never left behind the safety, just because we want to deliver that never seen before entertainment experience. We intentionally packaged the interior architecture, so we can design with best safety principles that we are confident and vigorously tested:  

Comments from Verge: ...BYTON's 48" screen might not be as distracting as it looks... 

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It may not be the perfectly filmed movie but the storyline is the inspiration.