My projects time-lapse


I am very fortunate to be able to work with many amazing talents across the industries throughout my career, not only I get to learn from the best also to mutually inspire each other and grow together. The below list is an overview of the successful projects that I am very proud of through the years.

BYTON, Santa Clara, CA. USA

+  2018 BYTONing the M-BYTE (current)

+  2017 Nissan Smart EV UX vision > EV production program  

Nissan Research Center, Sunnyvale, CA. USA

+  2017 Nasa - Nissan SAM Seamless Autonomous Mobility fleet platform  

+  2017 CES Virtual Personal Assistant + 3D audio sound entertainment & safety

Nissan Design Center HQ, Hon Atsugi. JAPAN

+  2017 V-Motion 2.0 next Nissan Visual Experience Design concept

+  2016 Infiniti Next Digital Experience, a drivable Q50 interactive demo

Nissan Design America, San Diego, CA. USA

+  2016 Maxima interior concept and production

+  2015 Infiniti Digital Experience Design reference guide for Japan

+  2015 IDS. Nissan autonomous level 4 digital experience concept 

+  2014 Infiniti Vision Experience Lifestyle concept video 

+  2013 Stablished 1st UX team for Nissan Global Design @Sunnyvale 

+  2012 NYC Taxi hospitality competition and production

+  2011 NV 1500 Series commercial van interior concept and production

+  2010 Nissan Ellure interior and digital experience concept 

+  2008 Infiniti QX56/ Nissan Armada mid-life cycle production design update

+  2007 Titan full size pick-up truck mid-life cycle production design update

+  2006 Sentra interior concept and production

+  2006 Nissan Urge concept car

An overview of all my successful projects.   


BYTON M Byte.png
T current BYTON production.png

My role: Digital Product Design Manager. BYTON is a disruptor in the automotive industry, it centered around the idea that a user digital experience is seamless and more timeless through user co-creation. With a simple UX system and embedded digital service strategy. The design team's success is inspired by "SMILE PER MILE". I led the team with the lean UX practice and design excellence at BYTON U.S. With a team of 6 UX and 2 Design System designers, I drive the BYTON Digital Experience and UX principles for entire in-car experience and Mobile App vehicle connectivity. Working together with my x-functional peers to unblock obstacles for the program teams. 


EV UX Vision.png
T 2017 EV ux vision ecosystem.png

My role: Digital Design Studio Lead. Smart EV UX vision is Nissan 1st EV SUV vehicle for 2020, the mission was to regain EV leadership. I proposed an internal team to disrupt the traditional process; with the Chief Planning Officer support, I led an x-functional team and 5 external partnerships. We started with users to disover what would be the right ecosystem for EV mobility so that we can define a product to complete the ecosystem. Completed in 6 months and we presented the1st UX driven production project to executives in HQ, successfully influenced the company mindset.


Vmotion 2.png
T 2017 V Motion 2.0 concept.png

My role: Digital Design Studio Lead. V-Motion 2.0 digital concept is a new Nissan Visual Experience Design language for a world debut in Detroit auto show, It is designed and centered around a young professional in an urban lifestyle. A team of 3 designers worked end to end. I kicked off a UX concept workshop with the marketing + design team, taking the hero stories and turned them into user flows supported by smart-home and intelligent car scenarios. The opportunity is to design a VXD that can inspire our users' emotions. We worked in parallel with the supplier for final integration.


PA 3D sound.png
T 2017 personal assistant 3D audio.png

My role: Digital Design Studio Lead. This was a CES keynote project that I was assigned to drive the digital experience design and integration in a Nissan Murano. I managed the design development with a consultancy in San Francisco, and liaison between HQ Marcomm, Microsoft Cortana team, Event Marketing agency and an audio CE company in Boston. We use the 3D soundscape audio technology combined with the Personal Assistance Cortana delivering a unique, innovative and spatial UX, in which entertainment & safety were benefited by this innovation. The car was build in So. Cal.


Nasa teleop.png
T 2017 autonomous teleop center system.p

My role: Digital Design Studio Lead. SAM (Seamless Autonomous Mobility) is a joint program between Nasa and Nissan, using Mars Rover self-driving monitor tech. to develop a road capable autonomous mobility teleoperation platform. I was the only designer in my team to support this program, my role is to support the researchers using UX practices for AV fleet manager tasks, rider pick-up, and robot-object delivery by autonomous vehicles. It was 60% UX  & UXR - 20% UI - 20% ID. The biggest challenge was solving many unseen complex user pain points and technology to run tests on the real roads.


Future of HMI.jpg
T 2016 Future of HMI experience.png

My role: Digital Design Studio Lead. Infiniti Vision HMI experience was meant to be a production reference of the next-gen Infiniti experience through the User-Centered process. I led a team of 3 designers, workshop with connected vehicle team, HQ PRD planner, suppliers. We developed a story around a family. It touches wearable, mobile, navigation with last-mile, weather-routing, VPA, and a new HMI interaction in a modified interior. We want to give our customers a seamless offboard - onboard connected experience. We had 3 1/2 months of time to design and develop a driveable Infiniti Q50 for demo.


T 2016 Maxima production.png

My role: Senior Interior Design Lead. Maxima has always been the brand ambassador. It is a vehicle that seeks to inspire of being a gentleman in a sports suit. I led a team of 3 designers to do the production design releases. Taking product requirements and translate them into a heart-moving interior design. I worked with product planning, engineering, purchasing, and upper management. We strived to design through stringent safety regulations, ergonomics guidelines, weight controls, perceive quality design, CMF, and cost control. We won an award and an increase in sales at launch year.


T 2015 Nissan IDS autonomous.png

My role: Digital Design Studio Lead. IDS user story is around Hiro, a DJ company owner in Tokyo. IDS is the first Nissan Level 4 autonomous concept car unveiled in Tokyo auto show. A team of 2 designers, we designed the UX concept centered around Hiro. The other part of the story is using autonomous technology as a socially responsible being in the city and enable more social enjoyable moments for Hiro, and technology can make him a better driver. The transformable interior is a game-changer to enjoy the space differently. The VPA Tomo is to bridge the smart assistant technology with Hiro's everyday life.


Infiniti Vision HMI.png
T 2014 Infiniti vision HMI.png

My role: Digital Design Studio Lead. Infiniti Vision lifestyle movie is to set the 5 years future vision for the brand. The main persona is Elyse, a yoga lover, and early technology adopter. Elyse narrative is using mobile, smart home, VPA, wearable, semi-autonomous, entertainment, personalization, in-car shopping delivery, and an innovative mobility business model.

The hero concept orbits around "Every car is your car, anytime, anywhere".  Interior design innovation also influenced by exploratory scenarios. My role was to search and hire a consultancy to work together and inspire the Infiniti HQ team in HK.


T 2012 New York Taxi project.png

My role: Senior Interior Designer. Taxi of Tomorrow was a competition by NYC, designing a volume taxi fleet conversion from the NV200 van, I was the only designer working with product planner to join this competition and Nissan won the competition by product features, reliability, and design. My main task was to design an interior hospitality experience for city environment, where comfort, hygiene, ad service, payment, safety, infotainment, city tour, and accessibility, I also had to design the visual brand identity of NY taxi graphics on the exterior and interior of the car. 


T 2011 NV van production.png

My role: Senior Interior Designer. NV 1500 Series commercial. The van is designed for independent contractors and commercial fleet owners, the users wanted clever and flexible storage compartments with a mobile office purpose in the front cabin area; while the rear cargo space needed to maximize the capacity, it also has to offer customization capability for the 3rd parties accessories makers. The real challenge was the cost vs innovations and standardization of parts for a wide range of variants, roofs, and chassis. My design was chosen went into production.


T 2010 Nissan Ellure concept.png

My role: Interior Designer.   Ellure was to unveil Nissan's new exterior design language after the 2008 economy recession. I and another designer, co-designed the interior but I also self-initiated to design the digital experience. Since it was a pure aesthetics show car but can help with some interior high light, so I design and build a full size cost-effective mock-up to demo the 3-dimensional layer UI experience. All stakeholders liked the idea and with a minimum budget, I was able to make the digital experience into the show car, The user is targeted for a female fashion entrepreneur living in Detroit.


T 2008 Q56 Armada life cycle.png

My role: Interior designer. Infiniti QX56 interior, mid life cycle major-design update. Due to then, the Nissan survival era, the previous model had many design and production execution issues. I and a senior designer, we overhauled the entire interior design of the instrument panel, console, door panels, and diving into the most intricate detail fit and finish design to ensure a premium fit and finish execution with materials that meet the premium segment expectation.


T 2007 Titan life cycle.png

My role: Interior designer. Titan pick-up truck minor change. Titan was designed, engineered, and manufactured in the US during the Nissan survival time. There were many design quality and HMI usability issues desperately in need of a design update. I worked with a senior designer on the interior. Besides interior design, with the studio engineer, we work in parallel on the instrument cluster and climate control units that had a lot of usability complaints. Successfully redesigned and solved the usability, my climate control design solution was benefited to 3 additional vehicles saving lots a tooling cost and solving the user's climate control problem. 250K units benefited.


T 2006 Sentra production.png

My role: Interior Designer. Nissan Sentra was designed for young and hip fresh out of school students.  The inspiration was simple, minimalist, modern, and with big inside roominess for active life and social moments. My interior design proposal was chosen for production. I then worked closely with the help of another senior designer, perfecting my design skills while solving my production design feasibility. Excited to see my first product on the road.


T 2006 Urge concept.png

My role: Interior Designer. The urge was a concept Targa sports car debuted at North American International Auto Show. It was a design exercise that has no production intent but to use the creative design power to inspire people, the concept is influenced by internet surveys from video gamers. It is a concept that you can drive to enjoy the open-top sports car with a very low center gravity, also to convert the interior as an online car race video game cockpit with friends. My role was supporting another senior designer and I designed the instrument cluster, seat, and center console.