Nissan ELLURE 

Interior and Digital concept / 2010

The alluring Ellure 

Simple, Yet Provocatively modern for young professionals. Ellure is the evolution of everyday luxury sedan. It boasts a smooth exterior form and attractive high style interior, designed and crafted with fashion inspirations. The interior is designed to offer a lounge-like experience, from mood lighting, glass touch and an HMI system that offers a panoramic viewing instrument cluster experience in 3D multilayer holographic-like UI. This concept also sets the latest Nissan design vocabulary, that can be seen in Altima, Murano, Rogue and Versa Note. Successfully helping Nissan to establish the biggest market gain in US between 2012-2017. 

Multi-layer holographic like UI design


Lounge + Spacious interior 

Digital interior design and sketches 

Unconventional Welcome Ceremony

Interior sketches

Modern + Sleek

Seat and stalk switch design

Open + Uplifting

Glass roof touch UI & steering wheel design

Light + Airy

Interior lounge design & roof etched lighting

3 Dimensional + Nature Inspired

Ellure concept in motion

Ellure Concept Car

Ellure Concept Car